We are a small startup company that is solely comprised of just Jon and I

We are based in Sydney Australia

Our Mission

We Aspire to inspire educate and empower real women around the world to improve the quality of their physical and mental development strategies.
In a continuation of their achievements, they will apply the lessons they have learned to create quality lives for themselves and the people they have the privilege to come in contact with in their lives.

We Aspire to supply real women around the world with real information and inspiration, to develop their bodies to the highest level of their genetic potential. This information will be generated by Jon's leadership and knowledge as well as Elle's real example and experience.

We Aspire to give hope to those who currently believe that it takes the use of hard core / extreme exercise, fitness gadgets, magic pills, smoothie potions, etc and convince them
that changing their bodies can be done successfully with the proper attitude and knowledge.

We Aspire to communicate in a "real world" manner and not an overly scientific or know it-all fashion,
explaining concepts from a real woman to real woman stance using real life situations.

We Aspire to get our community to focus on what is great about each other instead of focusing on what is negative.

We Aspire to unite real women all over the world in their life and weight loss goals to build better solutions for ourselves and our children so we all together can go beyond expectations.


About "Beyond Expectations" the Number 1 Weight Loss Documentary on YouTube and Google

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(A Televised Motivational Weight loss Documentary)


Meet Elle, an ordinary woman on the brink of an extraordinary journey
At eight months pregnant with her second child,

Elle was planning to do something inspiring; to make a dramatic example of how each of us has the power to change our core identity.

Elle undertakes a life-changing journey that pushes her both mentally and physically.

Not only would she attempt to shed her post-pregnancy weight, but she would also dare to develop her body into the peak physical condition necessary to compete amongst the world's best at the International Sport's Modeling Competition held in New York City.

The enormity of the challenge was clear, Elle had two infant children in her care as well as her sick husband Jon.

Jon is plagued with a rare disease that leaves him incapacitated and bed ridden for most of the day and so to make the odds even tougher,

Elle would be avoiding traditional weight loss advocates such as dieticians and gyms.

Come on a life-changing journey of dedication, passion and one that will take you beyond your expectations.